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Jordan Artim, Anthony Cudahy, Aimee Goguen, Matt Morris, Mathew Parkin - curated by Kris Harzinski and Will Haughery
Still Wearing Each Other When Alone
September 5th - September 28th

Be my Jordan, and I’ll be your Pippen. Be my Mulder, and I’ll be your Scully. Be my Jenko, and I’ll be your Schmidt. Be my Bill, and I’ll be your Ted. Be my residue, and I’ll be your mirror.

“…we shall find out when the light returns what the new season means / when others’ interpretations have gotten back up onto the pedestals we gave them / so long as we are still wearing each other when alone”
                                                                                                                                      -Frank O’Hara

Jordan Artim received his BFA from Tyler School of Art in 2013. He has been a contributor to projects exhibited at the LA and NY Art Book Fairs as well as group and solo exhibitions in Philadelphia PA. In 2014 he contributed work to the Szczecin Zine Fest at the Trafostacja Setuki Center for Contemporary Art in Szczecin, Poland. He currently lives and works in Philadelphia.

Anthony Cudahy is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He received his BFA in 2011 from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. His work has appeared in shows across the United States and the UK. In March of 2014, he exhibited a body of paintings entitled Heaven Inside at Uprise Art’s Outpost gallery and previously has been in group shows at ATHICA, the Nancy Margolis Gallery, and AMO Studios. His work has also been featured and reviewed in publications including the Paris Review, Hello Mr., Vice Magazine, and Marco Polo Quarterly. From 2013-2014, Anthony will be in residency through the Artha Project at the Brooklyn Navy Yards. He is a co-curator and frequent contributor to Packet Biweekly.

Aimee Goguen lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She has participated in exhibitions and screenings at such venues like White Columns, Spectacle Theater, and Anthology Film Archives, NY, Redcat, ONE Gallery, and Night & Periwinkle Cinema, LA, in addition to numerous showings at the Druid Underground Film Festival. She holds a BFA from California Institute of the Arts.

Matt Morris holds a BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and earned an MFA in Art Theory + Practice from Northwestern University, as well as a Certificate in Gender + Sexuality Studies. He has presented work in Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA; Memphis TN; Reims, France; Cincinnati, OH; San Antonio, TX; and Baton Rouge, LA. He is the Assistant Art Editor for Newcity in Chicago. His writing has appeared in regional and international publications including Artforum.com, Art Papers, Sculpture, City Beat (Cincinnati, OH), Alice Blue Review, and Aeqai, as well as numerous exhibition catalogues and artist monographs. He is a transplant from southern Louisiana who lives and works in Chicago. He currently teaches in the Sculpture as well as the Painting and Drawing departments at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Mathew Parkin lives and works in Leeds, UK. Working with sculpture, video, exhibition making and graphics to position his subjectivity in relationship to mass and niche production, and the role of being an Artist. This is through locating where identity is constructed within leisure time, forms of desire, branding, the ownership of cultural histories, personal relationships, film making and art production. Recent projects include 45683968, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Leeds, UK (2014); but it could be a Levi’s advert, Flatfile, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2014); OneTouch, The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow (2013); Performance Fetish, SWG3, Glasgow (2013); LAN Party, Two Queens, Leicester (2013); When Passive Aggressive Strategies Fail to Get Results, Supercollider, Blackpool (2012); HELD, Liverpool Biennial (2012); Oliver Braid: You’ll Get Used To It, Tramway, Glasgow (2012); and Dovble Trovble, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow (2012).