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VideoSur I
Presented by DiscordiaFilms
June 1 - July 1, 2012

VideoSur is an exhibit of experimental shorts conveying the complex cultural vision of Latin American artists.

Paulo Ahumada Rovai / Ciudad Dormitorio / Alejandro Cohen Arazi / Magdalena Jitrik / Julio Lamilla / Nicolas Machado / Nicolas Monti / Liz Munsell / Isabela Prado / Agustina Rodriguez Suhurt / Mauricio Roman Espacio G / Tomas Spicolli / Andres Torregiani / Guido Yannito

DiscordiaFilms’ ongoing series VideoSur, with works by artists from Argentina, Brazil and Chile, were first shown in 2009 and 2010 at the MassART Film Society, Massachusetts College of Art and Design and at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. A selection from VideoSur I and II was screened at UnionDocs in New York in December of 2009, and again January 2012 at 301 Gallery, Montserrat College in Beverly, MA. VideoNorte, a program of experimental work form the from the U.S. was shown in Córdoba and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in Valparaiso, Quillota and Santiago, Chile in 2010. Following the earthquake that struck Chile in early 2010, DiscordiaFilms staged a benefit screening of VideoNorte in collaboration with Spectacle in Boston to help fund relief efforts for Chimba Lab, an artist collective part of VideoSur. In the fall of 2011, DiscordiaFilms was featured in PANOPTIC, the exhibit and experimental documentary program of The Camden International Film Festival, held at Asymmetrick Arts, ME. DiscordiaFilms presented the video installation Mass-Memoria: Revisiting Argentina and Chile’s Political Histories, and U.S. premiered Una Identidad en Absurdo Vol. 1 (An Absurd identity Vol. 1) by Guillermo Gomez, from Puerto Rico. This summer and the early fall of 2012 DiscordiaFilms is presenting the full VideoSur series I, II and III at the Fourth Wall, VOX POPULI in Philadephia, PA.

DiscordiaFilms is a curatorial collective dedicated to the exchange and promotion of experimental video art made in the Americas. Since 2009 curators Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez, Ivanna Bergese and Liz Munsell have presented the work of over 50 artists, staging 10 screenings and installation throughout Argentina, Chile, and the U.S. East Coast.