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Various Artists
Yes, Yes I am happy, aber glücklich bin ich nicht
June 4 - 27, 2010

Yes, Yes I am happy, aber glücklich bin ich nicht. The best art is like an iceberg. Cold and impenetrable, diffident and austere—inhuman, an immense glass-eye whose dull and lifeless gaze contemplates the abyss. The work’s vacant stare forms a frigid surface that’s illegible, resistant and indifferent to its imminent destruction as well as the currents that buoy and shape its silent migration toward doom. Dreaming of wreckage, corroded by external forces, and wracked by hidden fissures and internal weaknesses, the immensity of its form is inseparable from the process of its dissolution. If society thinks in gold, as M. Teste once remarked, art thinks in ice—a currency that melts in your hands and proves rather useful in chilling a glass of whiskey. The exhibition includes work by Ludwig Fischer, James Johnson, Jacque Liu, Kirk Loubier, and Dustin Sparks.