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N. Apparati

November 4, 2012 @ 6:00 pm 8:00 pm

Join us for N. Apparati an evening of poetry, video, and audio works concerning emptiness, absence, and removal featuring a surplus of local and extra-local literary talent including: Cecilia Corrigan, J. Gordon Faylor, Eddie Hopely, Lanny Jordan Jackson, Eric Laska, Astrid Lorange, Trisha Low, Andy Martrich, Steve McLaughlin, John Paetsch, Manya Scheps, Andy Sterling, Claire Wilcox. Instance of conditionally poetic treatments: nil, empirical waste, loss, inertia, shelled genres, attempts. Maladaptive taste and absences, occlusion, indexicality, no one, modes of abstraction, attempts, socio-historical contexts: Philadelphia, New York City, Sydney, 2012, 2011. This event is Vox Populi’s contribution to The 215 Festival. Cecilia Corrigan lives in New York and recently completed a book of poems, Titanic: a work which addresses the issues of nautical cinema, the Singularity, 12 and 13 year old humans, and the philosophy of language. J. Gordon Faylor lives in Philadelphia and edits Gauss PDF; two books are published via bas-books. Eddie Hopely, is a writer from the United States, now living in Sydney; he organized Blanket, a Philadelphia poetics/talk series, and is the author of chapbooks such as Cannot Contract, Rude Door, and New International Collaboration in Pen and Ink (2009-2010). Lanny Jordan Jackson is an artist working with poetry, performance, audio/video, and the ‘occasional’ object. Eric Laska is an artist whose concern lies in a critical approach to sound “IRL”. Astrid Lorange is a poet, teacher, and book indexer from Sydney, Australia. Remote controls for Trisha Low and all her so many feelings are available at Gauss PDF and Troll Thread — it’s been two days since her last confection. Andy Martrich lives in New York and contributes to Gauss PDF. Stephen McLaughlin hosts the poetry-centric podcast Into the Field for and runs the reading series Principal Hand Presents. John Paetsch Prl; bent nitty its choice, recording My M0lt / presents / all my n0vels. Manya Scheps is an editor at Title Magazine and New Asshole. Andy Sterling is a writer and researcher living in New York City; his work has appeared in Well-Greased and Gauss PDF, and his book, Mackey, was published by Bas-Books in 2010. Claire Wilcox hails from New York and lives in Philadelphia. Founded in Philadelphia in 2001, The 215 Festival is a literary arts festival celebrating the written, spoken and visualized word. The 215 Festival showcases the vibrant community of literary talent in Philadelphia, and highlights the continued relevance of letters in a growing range of mediums, from books and poetry to music, film, and blogs. To help contextualize our local scene, the 215 Festival also seeks to present national and international talent. Past events include author readings, book-themed dance parties, literature-informed musical events, book fairs, literary film screenings, and blogger panel discussions. Over the years, the 215 Fest has played host to some of today’s most interesting writers, including Jonathan Lethem, Neal Pollack, Ben Greenman, Matt Klam, Amy Fusselman, John Hodgman, Legs McNeil, George Saunders, Sarah Vowell, Zadie Smith, Jeffrey Eugenides and Patti Smith among many, many others.


November 4, 2012
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


J. Gordon Faylor

Vox Populi

319 N 11th Street, Third Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107 United States
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