The AUX Curatorial Fellowships
Marissa Perel, Jamillah James, Whitney Kimball, Anthony Romero, Katya Grokhovsky

In 2011, Vox Populi launched AUX, an interdisciplinary blackbox space. Since its inception, AUX has provided Philadelphia with experimental time-based programming encompassing music, film, and performance art.

In Fall 2013, Vox Populi and AUX began hosting a series of five Curatorial Fellowships that continued over the course of two years. This fellowship program provided dedicated time to leading curatorial voices in contemporary art for critical exploration within emerging and experimental time-based practices. Each fellow spent two months to pursuing research, writing, and scholarship followed by a two month period of programming a unique performance series, including performance art, dance, public programs, and screenings. The program fostered the exchange of fresh cultural ideas within the rapidly evolving fields of time-based and performing arts in Philadelphia

In keeping with its collective institutional model, Vox Populi called on its members to nominate and appoint the first two Curatorial Fellows. The subsequent Fellowships were identified through a national open call for proposals that were reviewed and decided upon by the members of the AUX/Blackbox committee.