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We're Working On It

We’re Working On It is a visual time capsule of Vox Populi’s 21st year of programming (2009-2010). We looked back at what it meant to be in our third decade of programming and incorporated three histories formally written for posterity for the first time: a history of Vox Populi as an alternative arts organization (by former Director Amy Adams), a historical overview of artist-run spaces in Philadelphia (by Arcadia University Art Gallery Director Richard Torchia), and an essay on Philadelphia’s identity as a center of artistic production (by critic Paul Galvez). An illustrated timeline of artist-run spaces in Philadelphia, dating from the 1960s, rounds out this important summary.

2009-10 exhibiting members illustrated in this publication include: Andrew Suggs, Anita Allyn Anna Neighbor, Brent Wahl, Charles Hobbs, Corey Antis, Dustin Sparks, Eva Wylie, Gabriel Boyce, Jacque Liu, James Johnson, Jamie Dillon, Jonathan Prull, Josh Rickards, Julianna Foster, Kara Crombie, Kate Stewart, Leah Bailis, Linda Yun, Micah Danges, Nick Paparone, Rob Swainston, Robert Chaney, Roxana Pérez-Méndez, Stefan Abrams. Surveyed 2009-10 exhibitions include: One Gray Grass in the Ballfield (Vox alumni: Joy Feasley, Paul Swenbeck, Shannon Bowser, Clint Takeda & friends), Magic Magic (Vox alumni: Justine Witte & Olivia Schreiner), One is Silver and The Other Gold (Vox alumni: Anne Schaefer, Merrilee Challis, & John Lange), Forest Reverie (Vox alumni: Joseph Hu & Mauro Zamora), Bivouac (Guest Curated by Fionn Meade), VOX V (Vox Populi’s Annual Juried Exhibition of Emerging Artists), and our Video Lounge program.

“A History of Vox Populi” by Amy Adams
“A Philadelphia Story” by Paul Galvez
“Toward a History of Artist-Run Spaces in Philadelphia” by Richard Torchia


Edited by Andrew Suggs
120 pages / full color / $15