Vox PopuliAnnual Appeal 2020

through December 31
Vox Populi Annual Appeal 2020
Support Independent Arts and Community in Philadelphia
Vox Populi Annual Appeal 2020

To Our Friends and Supporters

Remember First Fridays? Remember the slow climb up our building’s old wooden stairwell to our venue on the third floor? Remember wandering our many galleries and the dozens, if not hundreds, of fellow arts and culture seekers in Philadelphia who awaited you? Remember the heat of our Black Box theater as you anticipated the start of a late-night performance? Remember the art and exhibitions installed all throughout our venue that delighted, provoked, moved, or even perplexed you? I sincerely hope you do.

“Transformative” is the word that keeps coming up every time I’m asked to describe our year at Vox Populi, and you can read more about it by downloading our extended annual report as a PDF, or at the link below.

Our collective of visual and performing artists, poets, curators, and community organizers has met consistently during the pandemic – devising virtual programs and gallery walk-throughs, organizing fundraisers in the spirit of mutual aid, launching arts and social-justice advocacy platforms, and interrogating our own internal operations – all while keeping our sights set on the future.

Built and sustained by artists for over 30 years, at our core we are an organization through which local and national artists share new work, congregate, and cultivate community. Our existence also stakes a claim for the necessity of independent cultural spaces near the heart of Philadelphia’s Center City — spaces by and for artists that have been under threat of extinction, even before the coronavirus pandemic necessitated temporarily closing our doors for the better part of the year and well before the City of Philadelphia cut a significant amount of public funding for the arts and culture sector earlier this year.

Your support is crucial to our ability to not only survive this pandemic, but thrive during it. As we evolve our organization into a more inclusive and community-focused space, your contributions enable us to develop forthcoming events and exhibitions (both online and in-person) and to compensate guest artists for their contributions to our programming.

I hope you’ll consider sending us a donation of any amount that is meaningful to you via PayPal.

Or, just in time for holiday gift giving, I hope you will visit our online Bizarre Holiday Bazaar shop of artwork, publications, and other items made by Vox members, including limited edition Vox benefit screenprints of work by Lea Devon Sorrentino and Lane Speidel. All sales are split 50/50 between Vox and the artist. Shop now!

Sincere thanks for all your support — wishing you well this holiday season,
Danny Orendorff, Executive Director


Our Year at Vox Populi

Read our Annual Report, available for download as a PDF from the button link below.

Gallery of 2020 Exhibitions + Projects