Lea Devon Sorrentino
Ded Talk

Lea Devon Sorrentino is a multimedia and performance artist based in Philadelphia. Her practice is an auto-ethnographic investigation of my life in pursuit of understanding the contradictions of American success. She uses humor and popular culture to investigate the emotional investments we place in possessions and entertainment to create individuality. Or, in not art speak, she wants to know why we love things that hurt us and cry at reality television. Lea has exhibited her work nationally and internationally and is known for introspective storytelling of American and digital culture. Her work encompasses installation, video, service aesthetics, thoughtful writing, and performance. These endeavors had her named among the “Artists to Watch″ by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN.

Sorrentino has been a member of the Vox Populi collective in Philadelphia since 2019 and has attended several artists’ residencies– most recently the NARS foundation in Brooklyn, NY. She has developed and produced podcasts, written mini-series and works with Reclaim Philadelphia. She received her Bachelor of Arts at Temple University, Tyler School of Art and a Masters Degree at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.