Eugenio Salas

I am a self-taught artist. Informed by my own experiences and by the communities I belong to, much of my work deals with issues of immigrant labor in North America. My practice employs participatory performances – often improvised and unexpected – woven into everyday life beyond art institutions. I am interested in small gestures, social interactions, and collaborations as alternative strategies to produce and circulate aesthetics. I work in performance, sculpture, installation, printmaking and media but am ultimately a process-based artist, interested in the aesthetics that come out of experimentation and collaboration.

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Eugenio Salas is a self-taught Mexican-Canadian artist based in Lënapehòkink, the ancestral homelands of the Lenape peoples, also known as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Disrupting social roles and dynamics and looking to explore the symbolic spaces that unfold, Salas’ practice involves collaborative process-based projects. Salas carries out participatory performative actions employing media, print and cooking. His previous projects include baking and animating hundreds of doughnuts in a stop-motion animation to work through his experience in the fast-food industry (Snack Pack), building aTunnel inside a gallery with a non-status construction worker and the exhibition curator, creating a parcel delivery system to exchange personal objects between Brazilians in Toronto and their families back home (YYZGRU Express), and baking a 22-foot long cake (The Supercake) in collaboration with immigrant women with whom he worked at a cake factory.