Cynthia Zhou

Cynthia Zhou is an artist, designer, and poet based in Philadelphia. Working primarily in oil paint and printmaking, her work is concerned with myth-making and the mind-body relationship. She repurposes familiar symmetrical signs—inkblot tests, brain scans, and childhood board games—as a vocabulary to map out the psychological landscape. She has been included in group exhibitions at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, New Museum Los Gatos, Euphrat Museum in Cupertino, Parsons School of Design in New York City, and more. In 2022, Zhou held a solo exhibition in the Philomathean Gallery in Philadelphia. She is a National YoungArts Foundation Winner, an Adobe Creative Jam Finalist, and was recognized at the White House as a 2019 Presidential Scholar in the Arts. She holds a BA in Design from the University of Pennsylvania and received the Best in Show Award for the 2023 Design Thesis Exhibition.

You can learn more about Cynthia here:
Instagram: @ethernautics