Natalie Hijinx
Hijinx Feature- Natalie Hutchings

Natalie Hijinx (aka Natalie Hutchings) is a Philadelphia-based multidisciplinary artist, futurist, and polymath. Her practice humps the lines between traditional and parodic sculpture, immersive installation, video, performance, interactive human-engagement debacles, and public acts of disobedience. Her current works are the poorly-mannered love children spawned from an orgy of speculative futurism, A Very Dystopian Anthropocene Epoch, space!, fake food, retro-futurism, confidence tricks, scientific experimentation, subversion, activist pranks, the absurd, and the awkward.

Natalie has an MFA from the University of Delaware in Studio Art and a BFA from Towson University in Interdisciplinary Object Design: a hybrid of digital fabrication, craft, and sculpture. As a graduate student, she was a winner of the Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Awards from The International Sculpture Center, published in Sculpture Magazine, and was a 2018 Fellow of the Delaware Public Humanities Institute (DelPHI) for her research in Material Culture Studies. She has shown work in Berlin Germany, Dallas TX, Portland OR, Baltimore MD, Wilmington DE, and Philadelphia PA.