August 2-November 22, 2014
Isolated Fictions at Hyde Park Art Center
Featuring work by Vox member Maria Dumlao.
Maria Dumlao in Isolated Fictions, Installation View

Vox member Maria Dumlao’s 40-minute video animation, Solar Motel (2014) is included in the exhibition Isolated Fictions at Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. Curated by Caroline Picard of Lantern Projects, Isolated Fictions, A Reenactment is part of the exhibition Chicago Effect: Redefining the Middle. Isolated Fictions: A Reenactment reflects the dynamic, ever-changing nature of history, and the bearing it has on future communities. It explores a curious incident in history when a fleet of English sailors found themselves icebound in the Arctic for nine months. In order to survive, they put on weekly plays for one another, publishing a newspaper of theater reviews, inside jokes, poems and classified ads. As such, The North Georgia Gazette reflects an older, idiosyncratic DIY art space that arguably sustained its crew through a physically, and psychologically inhospitable environment. The show is running from August 2 through November 22, 2014.

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