January 9, 2015
THEESatisfaction - Recognition
New music video debut by Vox member Tiona McClodden
THEESatisfaction Recognition- Tiona McClodden

Vox member Tiona McClodden directed the music video for lead single by THEESatisfaction for Recognition from their new album EarthEE out now on SubPop Records. The video premiered on Jan 9, 2015 on

For the core theme, I wanted to explore duality through the visual form known as a “diptych”; consisting of two individual images, intended to be presented close together as a complementary pair. When taken together, they illuminate each other and comprise a distinct work of art from their individual parts. I see both the members of THEESatisfaction as being a real life diptych in the ways that they relate to each other musically and specifically with this music single.” – Tiona McClodden

The music video features Ashley Tai, Tee Fergus, Akeema Zane, Columbia Nights(Hayling Price, Vaughan Octavia. Jason Edwards, John Daise ), Kim Drew, Ryann Holmes, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, Mia Richards, Iman Omari, Moruf, Zunyda Watson, Jamal Gray, Pamela Shepard, Mursi Layne, Jillian Pirtle, Yaba Blay, Lorna Williams, Farid Barron, Nelson Nance, Chuk, Ladi’Sasha Jones, Mec Jagger, King Texas, Xenobia Bailey
the video was shot on location at the National Historical Marian Anderson Residence Museum in Philadelphia, John Coltrane House in Philadelphia, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, NY, Sun Ra’s House in Philadelphia, Brooklyn,NY , and Washington D.C.

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