January 20, 2015
SEPTA POSTERS: Book Launch and Q&A
with Vox Populi member Beth Heinly and AUX fellow Whitney Kimball
SEPTA POSTERS by Beth Heinly

Vox Populi member Beth Heinly in collaboration with Temple Contemporary are pleased to present the book launch for SEPTA Posters: Collector’s Edition. Printed with Temple Contemporary’s own Publication Studio, the Collector’s Edition brings together five zines that feature Beth Heinly’s trademark black and white line work. Drawing on a tradition of culture hacking and subverting advertising images, Heinly emphasizes and exposes the subtle and not-so-subtle racism, classism, and sexism in advertisements found in Philadelphia’s public transit spaces. Arts writer and artist Whitney Kimball will lead the a conversation and Q7A with Heinly about her work.

Septa Posters is a yearly collection of ads found on Septa buses, subway and trains, they are documented and then modified (slightly) by the artist. The Collectors Edition brings together the four previously published works with a fifth new debut.

Beth Heinly is a performance artist and sometimes curator who draws comics under the pseudonym 3:00. She is a current member of Vox Populi in Philadelphia. She was a founding member of Little Berlin, where she cultivated the Zine Library and curated performance-based events.

Whitney Kimball is an arts writer, sometimes curator, and editor of the New York-based art blog Art F City. Last fall, she curated the programming series Schmartworld as the third fellow for Vox Populi’s AUX performance space.

at Temple Contemporary
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Philadelphia, PA

Septa Posters by Beth Heinly

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