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February 4, 2015
"Why don't you believe in me?"
Music video co-directed by Erica Prince and Tiona McClodden

Natalie Prass' "Why don't you believe in me?" Co-directed by Erica Prince and Tiona McClodden
Vox members Erica Prince and Tiona McClodden co-directed a music video for Natalie Prass’ new single Why Don’t You Believe In Me continuing Prince’s work of “Transformational Makeovers”. We are thrilled to announce the video made its premiere on NPR on Feb 4, 2015.

The video can be seen online here.

From NPR’s Robin Hilton: “The video unfolds in a stark white room. As Prass gazes into a mirror, she takes a small brush and applies what first appears to be makeup, putting on a new face for a new day. But each brush stroke reveals another layer of her own face, one beneath the other. It’s a disorienting and slightly unsettling effect. ‘The song is about self doubt,’ Prass tells us via email. ‘So we thought it was appropriate that the video relate to the idea of self examination and layers that both distort and reveal.’ “

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